#7 Building Faith for Life's Journey III(12/01/02)

The Message

By Dr. Robert H. Schuller

Special Guest

Ken Wales

Ken has this wonderful book that he has written with David Poling, Sea of Glory, which tells the story of the 4 chaplains. 1943, the torpedo struck through the water, hit the Dorchester midship, spilling all the fuel oil and sinking in 25 minutes. There were only 200 survivors out of the 900; 700 lost their lives...Later, one survivor reported that because there were the 4 chaplains just ready to leave the ship and they turned to their right and beside them were 4 men without any life jackets." They took off their own life jackets and put them on the heads, over the shoulders and heads of those 4 men and got them off the ship. And one survivor later said as he looked up from the water he saw a radiant image of the 4 chaplains on the aft end of the ship, silhouetted. And he could hear them singing and praying, 4 of them, arms around each other, the Lord's Prayer, the 23rd Psalm, the Catholic prayer of contrition, words from the Torah. And as they watched this incident the chaplains slipped beneath the waves of the water and they were gone...

Special Music

Crystal Cathedral Choir Anthem:
Thanks to be God

Take It Out of My Hands by Stacie Sissom
CCA Ensemble by Elizabeth Stefanko

Piano solo:
Born Free by Roger Williams
God Bless the USA Medley by Roger Williams

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